honor hamilton


Honor Hamilton

What is your profession / line of work / passion:

Wardrobe Stylist & Vintage Curator

Where are you from?

Los Angeles, CA

Where are you at right now?

North Hollywood, CA

What’s your heritage?

Half Korean, Half White

Whose music couldn’t you live without?

Creedence Clearwater Revival

What is a luxury for you?

Being without my cell phone

How important is social interaction to you? Both IRL and URL.

Real life interaction is more important than URL. It’s easy to put a priority on URL, but nothing is better for the soul than some good old fashion conversation with your IRL friends and you can never reap the benefits of those interactions from the internet.

What do you value most?

My free time and family

What do you believe there needs to be more of?

Compassion for human beings. The holidays have really brought out some selfish and grouchy people, if everyone were positive and understanding for one day on the planet, everyone’s perspective would change.

Do you have any goals or resolutions for this upcoming year?

My number one goal for 2018 is to take better care of myself in all aspects. The older I get, I can feel my body and mind aren’t as sharp or healthy as I was before, so overall wellness is my goal for next year.

Where can people find you online?

Instagram: @hondawgg

Vintage: @shirtparty

Web: www.cre8tiveassembly.com